Should you ever buy a Purina Pet Food?

All of dry Purina pet foods that have kibbles are made of low quality, grain based ingredients. Any company that can sell any dry pet food kibble at a lowest price among branded pet foods is a suspect. The low price comes at a cost. Purina Pet foods are made from lowest quality by products of human food industry. When Purina claims claims that they use highest quality ingredients it is a lie. The by products of human food industry are not edible products so the question of highest quality is a marketing ploy. For the past 70 years Purina ruled the pet food world and they created a generation of pets that are obese, have a lower quality of life .Cats and dogs are carnivores and deliberately feeding them grain based pet food for all these years and justifying that grains is dishonest way to make money. Profits trump truth, and they have created a business that is worth 20 billion dollars globally.


Deception a big part of Nestle’s Growth in the US

Nestle Purina or Deception Purina . What is it. This company has been hiding behind deceptive advertising practices to build a big pet food business globally. Beggin Strip is 70% low grade wheat flour, rest water, fillers, animal meat digests, artificial colors and meals. It has artificial bacon flavor at 0.1%  and zero bacon. They promote it as bacon dogs love. The cost of beggi strip is almost %$ 6-8 / lb at retail. Why not feed real bacon which is healthy and has no fillers and meat digests at 1/4 of the cost

Should We Forgive Deception from Large Companies in the Food and Pet Food Business?

Deception is a part of marketing campaign for large CPG companies. Global company that has committed genocide on third World children by promoting its infant formulas as being the best and better than breast milk to  poorest of the poor in developing countries,  selling jerky treats that killed many dogs, selling noodles with high levels of lead and monosodium glutamate in India, not paying correct taxes in respective countries and siphoning the money back to Switzerland. Claiming to be a nutrition company while selling chocolates, pizzas, and junk foods. When such deception happens more often than not should the public buy the food or pet food products from such a company.

The best we as consumers can do is to boycott the company and punish such companies and hit their bottom line.

Will Nestle Purina go bankrupt with law suits and deliberately pushing bad products like Beneful

No company is immune to wrath of consumers. The Company Nestle-Purina has several strikes

1. Death of dogs and cats in Melamine scandal

2. Death of dogs from Wagging Train LLC  jerky treats

3. Death of dogs from Beneful

4. Death of dogs and cats from several smaller brands

5. Continued struggle against Blue Buffalo

6. Too many good products from smaller companies taking away market share

7. Deliberately misleading the public, veterinarians and US FDA and USDA by incorrect labeling, not declaring all the ingredients in the label, firing Purina employees who question the company products

All these make me strongly believe that this company should be doomed for the welfare of the dogs and cats

Killing one dog at a time-The Purina Way

Nestle Purina recently saturating the air waves with commercials of happy people with Beneful bags in their factory is another way to get back into selling more of the trash product. Perhaps they are so desperate that they have to sell even if the product is bad. Their strategy may be to quit the pet business by killing all dogs with their beneful product or their other brands such as dog chow, Pro-plan, or Chef Michael etc. May be it is a Jihadist mentality any way -Purina is thinking “I am dying, may become bankrupt so why not destroy all the pets before I die”,

The nutritionists who worked at Purina when Beneful was launched were later fired. The goal is to dominate the pet food market our way-The nestle Purina way . The Purina way is ” You are with us or with Terrorists” – Who is the terrorist?

More Lawsuits Against Nestle from Coast to Coast

 The amended complaint against Nestlé Purina PetCare Company’s Beneful dry kibble dog food was filed on June 8 in California federal court, adding 26 additional pet owners from states spanning coast to coast.The lawsuit now alleges that Beneful contains toxins and that Purina has been offering cash settlements in exchange for silence from those who voice complaints about the brand.

Nestle SA the owner of Nestle Purina is notorious for deception, manipulation of facts, bribing officials in developing countries, and buying the public opinion with their pocket books not to mention they are also notorious tax dodgers.

Recently Nestle was sued by Indian Government for selling Maggi noodles contain high levels of lead and unauthorized ingredients. The Nestle has pulled off all its Maggi noodles in the country and is blaming the Indian officials for incompetence.

It is time for US and Indian courts to punish this Swiss company for its bad behavior. The fines must be debilitating so that this Swiss company behaves properly in the future