Commercial cat food Risks-Chronic renal failure(CRF), FLUTD


The most common cause of death in pet cats is the organ failure specifically chronic renal failure (CRF). Most commonly found diseases in cats are related to its Urinary tract, bladder and Kidney. FLUTD (Feline Lower Urinary Tract Disease) which is a common cat disease leads eventually to CRF and death .

Urinary tract, bladder and kidney problems in domestic cats are dietary related. The most common remedy is to stop the source of such problems which is dry pet food manufactured by large pet food manufacturers.Veterinarians recommend special diets or altogether stop feeding commercial pet foods(which is probably the best choice to increase the life span of cats).

Commercial Dry Pet Foods contain several ingredients that seem to favor formation of calcium oxalate crystals, calcium phosphate, struvite(magnesium ammonium phosphate) stones,

The dry extruded cat foods manufactured by large pet food companies contain significant amount of added phosphate salts such…

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