Meat, poultry and fish Meals in pet foods-good or bad

Animal meals and animla by product meals have been widely used in pet foods. Purpose: To provide lowest cost protein source which helps to  balance amino acids  in predominantly grain based pet foods coming from largest pet food manufacturers.


1. Unfortunately many of pet foods with large meal inclusions sometime as much as 30-40% of weight of the product is not generally good for health of pets. The meals contain synthetic anti-oxidants like Ethoxyquin. While Ethoxyquin is approved for use in feeds, it has been tested on dogs and cats in long term studies.

2. Meals contain biogenic amines such as histamine and tyramine.  Foods containing high amount of histamines can be toxic.

3. High levels of biogenic amines is an indication food spoilage.  Spoiled Tuna, and mackerel which are some of the commonly used fish meals tend to have high histamine content.

4. Pets may refuse to eat the food containing high levels of biogenic amines

Can Foods containing meals and by product meals be called natural?  Technically pet foods containing meals cannot be called natural . The meals have been subjected to severe process treatments and in the course of processing have been changed from natural state.  But many large companies make “Natural claims” on many pet products containing meals which at best is cheating the public.


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