Ingredients Not Warranted in Pet Foods and why?

Just look at the ingredient label declaration. If they contain the following ingredients just dont buy it. Don’t buy pet food because it is cheap. Cheap products contain low quality ingredients that have an impact on pets health in the long run.

1. Corn, corn meal, ground yellow corn, corn gluten meal, distillers grains,

2. Wheat, wheat middlings, wheat flour, ground wheat, semolina

3. Soy flour, soybean meal, soy protein concentrate, soy protein isolate, hydrolyzed soy protein

4. Rice flour, rice starch, modified rice flour, pre-gelatinized rice flour, ground rice

4. Potato, potato flour, potato starch, potato meal

5. Chicken meal, chicken by product meal, feather meal, poultry by product meal, poultry meal

6. starches- corn starch, modified starches, wheat starch, rice starch, oat starch

7. gluten -wheat gluten, corn gluten,

8. Meat and bone meal, fish meal, meat by product meal, fish by product meal,

9. Chicken flavor, animal liver flavor

Why these ingredients are not good?

Dogs and cats both are essentially carnivores, they need fresh wholesome meats, In the wild dogs and cats do not eat left over of the kill such as hoofs, horns, feathers, bones. They chew on the bones for calcium and phosphorus . Large Commercial pet food establishments created this myth that pet foods made with by products of human food industry are good for the health of pets. This is not the truth. The natural eating habits of dogs and cats are fresh wholesome meats only and they derive all the nutrition from whole meats they know what they want in the food. They are picky when choosing organs meats, for example cats love liver. Liver is rich in almost all the essential nutrients for the survival of cats.

All meat, poultry and fish meals that are used in pet foods may contain a large dose of strong chemical preservatives which are never declared in pet food label like  Ethoxyquin, All the grain based meals are extracted from grain waste(corn, wheat,  rice,oats)  through solvent extraction process where carcinogenic solvents are used such as hexane and others. They are not declared on the pet food label

Chicken Flavor, animal liver flavor: These contain many different enzymatically digested organ pets and many preservatives and chemical flavor enhancers such as pyrophosphates. They are never declared on the pet food labels

The best food for pets are human grade foods . It is is very easy prepare healthy foods at home or buy human food grade pet foods


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