Undeclared Ingredients in Pet Foods and Treats

There are several ingredients that are not declared by large pet food companies and no one questions them. If the label says

For example

Chicken Flavor means : It has chicken liver, viscera, enzymes, anti foaming agents  sodium acid pyrophosphate, tetra sodium pyrophosphate , sodium hydroxide, phosphoric acid, lactic acid. These ingredients are not declared on the label

Animal Liver Flavor: Same ingredients as natural Chicken flavor

Poultry By Product meal: Chicken, turkey, fowl, any dead bird, birds of unknown origin, beaks, blood, gizzard, bones, and preserved with Ethoxyquin a powerful chemical that prevents oxidation of fats in poultry meal

Meat and Bone Meal: Beef, any mammalian inedible organs, bones, hoofs, and preserved with Ethoxyquin

Fish Meal: Fish skin, eyes, unknown species of fish, fish eggs, gills, and preserved with Ethoxyquin

Chicken By Product Meal; Chicken intestines, beaks, feet, bones, preserved with Ethoxyquin

Chicken meal: Similar to Chicken by product meal

Why FDA is keeping quiet on these serious issues of undeclared ingredients in pet food and pet treats

Pet Food companies claim that some of the ingredients are proprietary so they will not declare it. Can this happen in medicines, drugs designed for cancer etc. Perhaps these undeclared ingredients may be causing serious diseases in pets


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