What not to Feed your dogs and cats?

Do not feed popular commercial pet foods (CPF) from large companies. Why?

a. CPF have many undeclared ingredients that may be harmful to the pets unfortunately FDA is ok with it because of the enormous clout the pet food companies have over FDA and USDA

b. CPF have harmful ingredients and most of them imported from China that are not declared in the label  such as ethoxyquin, sodium hydroxide, phosphoric acid, lactic acid, digestive enzymes, sodium acid pyrophosphate, tetra-sodium pyrophosphate, butylated hydroxytoulene, butylated hydroxyaniosole, and many more.

c. CPF contain grains and starches such as corn, rice, wheat, potato in the top five ingredient list. Dogs are predominantly carnivores and grains and starches are not good for them

d. long term consumption of popular commercial pet foods result in severe health issues- wait gain, obesity, arthritis, and all forms of diseases that are never an issue in the Wild.

e. Almost of all of vitamins, and majority of undeclared chemicals used in pet foods come from China

Nothing like home cooked meals for pets for a long, happy and healthy pets.


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