Pet Food related morbidity in the United States

Carnivorous Pets like dogs and cats need healthy foods. The US pet industry dominated by a few large players cannot provide healthy foods for dogs and cats. Most pets have a poor quality of living even though they live long. The increase life span at home is predominantly due to availability of healthcare for pets. Commercial pet food related illnesses have multiplied over the past 75 years. Why?

Most well known Commercial pet foods are made of grains which are also cheap fillers and are a by product of food industry, secondly big players add so many chemicals and preservatives that are never declared on the label( this is basically cheating),, large commercial pet food manufacturers use vitamins and minerals which are almost 99% made in China, . When you have well known commercial pet foods that contain so many chemicals which are not declared on the label, pet suffer their entire life. They become obese, suffer from arthritis, various forms of cancer, diabetes, etc.

The best food for pets is fresh real meat that can be easily cooked at home or can be fed as such. The vitamins and mineral needs can be easily accomplished with vitamin pills available in many pet stores.

At the end of the day, cats and dogs may live long in the US but the quality of life is just unbearable even compared to street dogs and cats in many developing countries


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