Deceptive Food Companies- A Dying Breed

Large Food companies and pet food companies have been very deceptive. The European giant like Nestle is notorious for deceptive claims and not declaring all the ingredients on the label and hiding the profits and not pay taxes on profits for almost 100 years. It is soon catching up. The recent incidence of Maggi noodles in India is a solid proof these irresponsible and negligent activities by Nestle

The Indian Food Authorities found high levels of lead and high levels of mono-sodium glutamate in Maggi noodles. The Swiss company Nestle thought that they could get away with this . But it is unlikely to go away at-least in the near future. How many Indians would have been affected by such negligent activity of the Swiss company no body knows. The arrogance of these large conglomerates is that they think all the developing countries do not have resources to find out what is their product and that they can sell anything and get away with it. The population is big and even if the margins are low we can make a lot of money in these poor countries that is the attitude of Nestle. The Swiss banks have been shielding criminals, money launderers, drug dealers, corrupt politicians with their bank secrecy laws.

The millennial generation can see through this deception. The growing momentum in goods and services offered by local farmers markets, organic farming, supporting local businesses is evidence that the younger generation are getting away from large conglomerate who are deceptive, untrustworthy and destroy local jobs. This means only one thing . The large conglomerates like Nestle will be a dying breed


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