Killing one dog at a time-The Purina Way

Nestle Purina recently saturating the air waves with commercials of happy people with Beneful bags in their factory is another way to get back into selling more of the trash product. Perhaps they are so desperate that they have to sell even if the product is bad. Their strategy may be to quit the pet business by killing all dogs with their beneful product or their other brands such as dog chow, Pro-plan, or Chef Michael etc. May be it is a Jihadist mentality any way -Purina is thinking “I am dying, may become bankrupt so why not destroy all the pets before I die”,

The nutritionists who worked at Purina when Beneful was launched were later fired. The goal is to dominate the pet food market our way-The nestle Purina way . The Purina way is ” You are with us or with Terrorists” – Who is the terrorist?


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