Should you ever buy a Purina Pet Food?

All of dry Purina pet foods that have kibbles are made of low quality, grain based ingredients. Any company that can sell any dry pet food kibble at a lowest price among branded pet foods is a suspect. The low price comes at a cost. Purina Pet foods are made from lowest quality by products of human food industry. When Purina claims claims that they use highest quality ingredients it is a lie. The by products of human food industry are not edible products so the question of highest quality is a marketing ploy. For the past 70 years Purina ruled the pet food world and they created a generation of pets that are obese, have a lower quality of life .Cats and dogs are carnivores and deliberately feeding them grain based pet food for all these years and justifying that grains is dishonest way to make money. Profits trump truth, and they have created a business that is worth 20 billion dollars globally.


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